Jerry 21st July 2020

I’m retired. I’ve missed Derrick ever since I left, but I miss him even more today. He is a good soul. I have many good memories of Derrick. He always had a smile for me (and a laugh), kind words to say, and he cared about me. I remember the joking side of Derrick and the jokes we played on one another. I remember playing Derrick in Fantasy Football. I remember when Derrick first came to the ALS. I had the pleasure of seeing him grow and mature over the many years. I remember the loving side of Derrick. The side brought fully out by his children. I have no words for Derricks family, other than to say that I am truly sorry for your loss. Derricks Dad said: I’m not saying all was perfect. I am saying so much was. Remember Derrick. Mike, so much was and I will always remember Derrick.