We remember a beloved father, son, and friend

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What I Will Remember
by Mike Crofoot (Derrick’s father)

His smile. Remember his smile. It said so much about who Derrick was.

What I hope to bring into my life from my son’s is how he would always brighten a room when he walked in.
When leaving he would always say “love you.” These are qualities I loved about him. Qualities I want for myself because of seeing them in my son.

I’ll mention a few of the many enjoyments Derrick had in life. Coaching his son’s Little League teams. Seeing his girls excel in cheer. Fishing. Most team sports, including fantasy football.
He was just learning bocce ball while playing tournaments with three generations of his family.
He loved to fish (not sure where he got that). I can see him with all his kids catching 6” Blue Gills and having a time as if it were a trophy salmon.
Fantasy football, my eyes would glaze over with all the facts and data he had on his players.
Coaching, he made the kids on Samy’s Little League team better. Players would learn, but more than that, he helped them to have fun in the game.

Derrick liked to talk. A trait I’m sure he acquired from his mother. The pleasure I took from watching and hearing a son and mother (my son and wife) talk for any reason, at anytime, about the things that make up life gave me a joy and pride I have never expressed.

I’m sad Derrick was so young. He lost a future with his children. With all the many people he touched. He lost fishing trips with me, talks with his mom. Playing sports with his brother, laughs with his sister, and gatherings with his extended family that share only good memories of him.

Derrick’s life gave our family many wonderful moments, but the best thing he ever did was to be a loving, caring, father to my three wonderful grandchildren, Jordanna (14), Ahlina (11), and Samy (8). Derrick treasured his children above all else. The kids are always a pleasure to be around, just like their dad. They all make life better for others.

I’m not saying all was perfect. I am saying so much was.

Remember Derrick.


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As a visiting researcher at the ALS, I worked closely with Derrick for about 15 years. In that time we became close and I always looked forward to my 2-3 times a year that we would connect. As many have said, he was a real bright spot to anyone he came across. Always had that smile and kind word, and would literally bend over backwards to help us out in any given situation. We talked at length about kids, family and sports. He absolutely gushed over his children and was a very proud father. We talked a lot about baseball because both our kids were involved and it was a love of both of ours. We went to lunch together many times, played golf and he would always offer me tickets and such to games when he had them. A truly genuine and good man. I am heartbroken over the loss of such a great person. Rest in peace Derrick, and god bless and protect all your loved ones that are left behind. Paul Fugazzi
28th July 2020
Ever helpful, considerate and positive, Derrick will truly be missed by me and so many at the Lab. I always enjoyed talking with him about baseball, kids, and reminiscing about working with his dad in the early days. He seemed to have an innate ability to take the work ups and downs in stride, focusing on what's most important - family. Returning the the hill won't be the same without seeing Derrick's smiling face. Michelle F
24th July 2020
Derrick was one of the first people I met at the Lab. Not knowing where anything was, he would tell me to hop in the truck and drive me wherever I needed. He was an awesome person, always helpful and just a joy to be around. I'll miss him. Rest well my friend.
23rd July 2020
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